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Are you a Hair BRAIDER?

Beauty Biz Coach Denise
is here to Personally help!

Denise Has The ONLY Hair Braider Certification Agency!

She is a Business Owner, Cosmetologist, Notary Public, coach, content creator, IRS Tax Preparer, and Real Estate Agent living in California.

She is a multi-talented digital creator who works with Women in the Braiding beauty and lifestyle brands.

This is the ONLY voluntary certification for NATURAL hair Braiders, Barbers, and Beauticians as an ALTERNATIVE to state-regulated licensing.

Stop the COSMETOLOGY & BARBER BOARDS from entering your business!

You can “Own Your Biz” and get YOUR certification and business coaching right here!

The new 1:1 Coaching Program Will support you on your Hair Braiding business journey.

Save More MONEY instead of Student Loans

You will leave with your Hair Braiding Certificate customized for YOUR hair braiding business.

Are you ready to start today?

The 1:1 beauty business coaching package you are about to purchase will allow you to completely reIMAGINE your relationship with your business! 

🧘🏾‍♀️SOULidify your hair braiding beauty business’s spiRITUAL process and in BODY it with a MINDshift in your industry.

I will be your hair-braiding beauty business coach helping you with every twist, loc, and kink. 

Non Toxic Beauty & Barbering training for all.

You will have a hair braiding certification with my support.

Get Your Hair Braider Certificate Today

You will automatically go from PayPal to Google Forms.

Fill out the Google Form and watch about 30 minutes of the instructional video, input your personal information then press Submit.

The Hair Braiding Certification will be emailed ✉️ INSTANTLY to you.

I will then place your Hair Braiding Certification on our Community Goggle Asset Map 🗾 for a record of your registration.

INSTANTLY receive the hair braiding certificate in your email.

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP as a professionally certified Hair Braider

Get Your Certificate on the

Hair Braiders Community Map

Book Your VIP Day to Create Your Website


Don’t have 1500 classroom hours start with 3-hours of training and your Hair Braiding Certification today.



1. HairBraiders receive instant access to courses.

2. All information is voluntarily submitted and self-reported and HairBraiders will pay the fee subject to changes.

3. HairBraiders must be active and in good standing.

4. HairBraiders Certificate will be on the website community asset map.

5. HairBraiders Certificate will be delivered digitally.

6. HairBraiders Certification is for a lifetime.

7. HairBraiders will print a copy of the certificate.

8. HairBraiders will present certification upon questioning by enforcement.

9. HairBraiders will NOT use penetrating chemicals or act as a cosmetologist.

10. HairBraiders are an eco-friendly chemical-free hairstylist association.

 Print out the hair braiding certificate INSTANTLY!

Start working as a professional hair braiding stylist legitly and IMMEDIATELY!


Put your name on the Hair Braiders Community Asset Map.

Get your post created with your Hair Braiders Certification on Google.

We are the Only NATIONAL #HairBraidingCertification agency covering the entire

United States of America (USA).

I can help you open your #HairBraidingSalon.

As a #HairBraidingShop owner, we can certify you, your team, and your products like 🧴 shampoos, conditioners 🧼 and pomades.
We offer the #HairBraidingCourse to ANYONE at Any Age.
The #HairBraidingOnlineCertificate is phone 🤳 friendly so YOU can take it Anywhere.
Learn the #HairBraidingLaws and #HairStylingLaws as a #NaturalHairstylist!





Terms And Agreements

I certify hair braiders (men & women) in the natural hair braiding beauty industry by supporting the legitimization of their businesses with online training and registration.

Denise Jarrett, Director
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